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Imprint - about Media Austria

Media owner and publisher:

Media Austria - Association for fre Media, Culture and Communication

Krottenbachstrasse 40/9/6
A-1190 Wien

ZVR-Number: 041268194 (Central Association Registry)


Chairwoman: Mag. Traude Korosa
Treasurer: Mag. Ing. Martin Mair
Clerk: Thomas Herzel

Foundet 1987 to publish the media magazine "Der Blätterteig" ("Blatt" = Journal, Teig = dough, Blätterteig = puff pastry). Later Webhosting for non-commercial magazines as well as media-political activities, in particular for information and press freedom as well as data protection. Projects to support politically committed art and social initiatives, as well as support/organizing of cultural activities.